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About Michael "Fynn" Lange

Writer, world traveler, improviser, and all around creative lunatic. These are a few of the titles Michael “Fynn” Lange has heard uttered with his name. He is a twenty-nine year old with a checkered past of falling imagination first away from our world to one of his own. He is a college graduate with a B.A in Theatre Arts, a talent for costume creation, make-up tricks, and way more.

He has trekked through more than 30 different countries, making friends and having adventures as often as possible. From night stays in Bangkok to walking along the beaches of French Polynesia, to getting lost upon the Ramblas in Barcelona, Spain.

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His favorite museum is the Metropolitan of Museum or New York City. His favorite spot to listen to people talk is on the subways, or as they walk through Central Park. Michael, or as his friends call him, Fynn, has written and published three books:

A Shard of the Looking Glass”, which is his version of Lewis Carroll’s Alice in Wonderland.

The Knights’ Wishing Well”, an LGBT family-friendly fairytale of his own creation featuring the adventures of two not so typical knights in a modernly twisted fantasy world.

"Prompted and Circumstanced", is his first collection of short stories ranging from normal people seeking more, to tales of mermaids, witches, and fairies.

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